Swarovski Ring Giveaway!! Treasure Hunt Contest

Contest Name: Swarovski Ring Giveaway! Treasure Hunt Contest!

Contest URL: http://galla15.blogspot.com/2011/01/treasure-hunt-contest-win-swarovski.html#comments

Deadline: February 14th, midnight Eastern time zone

Prizes: One handmade Swarovski Ring from this shop:

How to enter: Find the one listing that has this in its description:
*********** TREASURE HUNT ************************
Once you have found the listing, please e-mail or convo me through the Etsy system with a link to that listing. PLEASE title the e-mail or convo CONTEST so that I will get all entries.

How to win: I will have a list of names of each entry as they come in and use http://www.random.org to draw a #. The winning number will win!

Other info: 2nd entries will be made for the 1st place prize and 2nd prizes for each promotion done for this contest. Facebook it, blog it, stumble it etc.

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