Ankaka Google+ Campaign-1 SHARE counted as $1

(1)Please click on the SHARE button on this post: Then on the popup windows there is a “Add a comment “,  you should put on:
1. any page address from
2. any other comment.

For example,

“I love this:   Guys, Share this cool gadgets now! ”

Or you can write a product review. Any comment will do.

You must make your SHARE (post) public so that we have access to view it.

(2)Whenever (and only when) you want the reward, please write a comment here to notify us.

(3)We will then count your SHAREs up to the date you contact us.

1 SHARE on your post will be counted as $1. Up to $200 maximum.

You will be offered with a big preselected list of cool gadgets to pick as your rewards. If you choose an item which value is bigger than your reward, you will just need to pay the difference.

  • This is non-stop campaign. No Deadline.
  • One person can only participate in one time only in this campaign.
  • Any Cheating, such as using exchange programs, is not allowed. We will verify it with our tracking program.

Click on SHARE button and write something to get your friends to RESHARE your post now!

Ankaka Google+ Campaign-Every Entry Get Prize

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