[ My Advice for www.ankaka.com ] 2nd Contest –$2500 Prize

The 1st contest (http://www.facebook.com/AnkakaCom/posts/10151214211624555) was very successful so here comes the 2nd contest:

  • 1st Prize: $1000 USD
  • 2nd to 11th Prize: $100 each, you will be offered with a preselected list of wholesale electronics gadgets to pick as your rewards.
  • 10 Popularity Awards: $50 each to 10 entries. Awards will be based on how many of your friends SHARE/LIKE/COMMENT/RETWEET your post. You will be offered with a preselected list of wholesale electronics gadgets to pick as your rewards.
  • Everyone else: $10 store credit(coupon)

Please choose either Facebook or Twitter to enter this contest.

SHARE this post: http://www.facebook.com/AnkakaCom/posts/10151347089499555 with your advice.  You must make your SHARE(post) public.

RETWEET this tweet ( https://twitter.com/Ankaka_Fans/status/290668789564067843 ) with your advice.
Deadline: 2013-3-31. Results will be announced on the same day.
If there are several same advices, only the one submitted the earliest will be considered.

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