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Win $10,000 and Free Rent for a Year in Apartments.com 5th Annual Roommate of the Year Video Contest

Contest Name: Apartments.com 5th Annual Roommate of the Year Video Contest

Contest URL: http://www.roommateoftheyear.com

Deadline: May 20, 2013 at 12 noon ET

Grand Prize: $10,000 + Free Year Rent

How to enter: http://www.roommateoftheyear.com/details

How to win: http://www.roommateoftheyear.com/rules

Other info:

Apartments.com celebrates the fifth year of its popular Roommate of the Year video contest — just launched at http://www.roommateoftheyear.com — as they once again seek America’s best, greatest, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, wonderful roommate. The lucky roomie who wins the grand prize in this national competition will be living a little easier with a year of free rent plus $10,000 in cash. In addition to the grand prize contest, last year’s Roommate Video Shorts contest returns, recognizing and rewarding smaller feats of roommate greatness with four weekly prizes of a $250 gift card. All talented and terrific roommates are encouraged to go to http://www.roommateoftheyear.com to learn how to enter either the grand prize contest and/or the video shorts contest, as well as view past winning videos for inspiration. The deadline for contest entries is noon ET on May 20, 2013.

Through this annual contest, Apartments.com underscores the importance of finding and being a good roommate. There are more than 60 percent of renters currently living with a roommate—friends, spouses, significant others, children or even pets— according to a recent Apartments.com survey.

There are two ways renters can spotlight their roommate-worthiness; through submitting a robust two-minute video for a chance at the grand prize, and/or submission of a :30 second video for the Roommate Video Shorts contest.

How to Enter 2013 Apartments.com Roommate of the Year Grand Prize Contest
Get out the video camera, get creative and get one step closer to winning free rent for a year, plus $10,000 in cash and the coveted Apartments.com 2013 title of Roommate of the Year. Renters across the nation are invited to enter the Apartments.com Roommate of the Year contest by submitting a video entry of two minutes or less to http://www.roommateoftheyear.com.

Entrants are challenged to showcase the specific attributes that qualify them to be Roommate of the Year by featuring their inner roomie in one of the four contest categories. For detailed information on how to enter, including specific video instructions, an official entry form and contest rules, go to http://www.roommateoftheyear.com. All entries must be received by noon ET on May 20, 2013.

Roommate of the Year Contest Categories

Apartments.com Roommate of the Year contest entrants should distinguish themselves from all of the other roommates around the country. Finding the category that best defines their special roommate skills is job number one. Categories are:

* The Loveable Compulsive
It’s not a glamorous job, but somebody has to do it. Making sure the electric bill gets paid each month and scrubbing the microwave after someone’s “soup explosion” two months ago sometimes makes you feel like you are running a daycare in your apartment. But all that work is about to pay off big. Show us how you manage the household while still maintaining your sanity and a year of FREE Rent could leave you with one less item on that LONG to-do list.

* The Purr-fect Pet Owner
Sometimes the best roommates aren’t even human. They may not pay rent, but pets are great at making us laugh or helping us get through tough times. Show us what makes you the best roommate to your pets, including games you play together or tricks that they have learned and that freeloader can start pulling his or her weight by helping you win FREE Rent for a Year.

* The Environmentalist
Do you wash out and reuse plastic baggies? Switch out energy-guzzling 150W bulbs for CFLs? Know what “1,” “3,” “5,” or “7” means on plastic bottles? If you’re the roommate who makes living “green” a priority, this is your category. Show us your efforts to help save the planet and we could be recycling a year of FREE Rent into your bank account (and promising to turn off the lights when we leave a room!).

* The All-Star Roomie
If you have special roommate qualities that don’t fit the categories, or don’t want to commit to only one area of roommate greatness, use this entry to submit your video. Get crazy, get creative! But don’t just tell us why you’re the best roommate – show us – and you could win FREE Rent for a Year.

Renters’ entries will be judged with equal weight on (1) originality and creativity, (2) overall “wow” factor, (3) persuasive argument and (4) style and production. Judging will take place in three stages.

How to Become Roommate of the Year and Win Free Rent for One Year Plus $10,000 in Cash
All entries will be narrowed down to a field of up to 15 finalists, selected across all categories by a panel of judges looking for entries that best fit the criteria for Roommate of the Year. Once the finalists are selected, America, along with the Apartments.com panel of qualified judges, will vote for their favorite roomie using the judging criteria to narrow down the competition to five winners. From the five winners, one grand prize winner will be named and receive free rent for one year, plus $10,000 in cash, along with roommate bragging rights. The four runner-up winners will each receive $500.

How to Enter 2013 Apartments.com Roommate Video Shorts Contest
Maybe you can flip a pancake 15 feet in the air, or make a bed in 10 seconds flat. Maybe you’re ambidextrous and can dust and vacuum at the same time, or you cook like a five-star chef. Whatever your special skill is that makes you the most remarkable roommate, capture it on video and enter for your chance to win one of four weekly $250 cash prizes. Flip cam, phone cam or shoe cam(!)…anything goes in the Roommate Video Shorts contest. Make your video entry as simple or sensational as you want in :30 second or less and submit it to http://www.roommateoftheyear.com. Beginning the week of April 22, 2013, one winner per week will be decided upon and announced by the Apartments.com third party judging panel and will win a $250 gift card.

Roommate Video Short contest entrants who feel there is still more to prove are encouraged to enter the Roommate of the Year Grand Prize contest.

Enter All You’s America’s Smartest Shopper Conest (and Win $1,000)

Do you consider yourself the savviest spender in the land? Could use a $1,000? Then enter All You’s America’s Smartest Shopper contest!

Contest Name: All You’s America’s Smartest Shopper Contest

Contest URL: http://www.allyou.com/smartshopping/americas-smartest-shopper-contest-details-00411000077202/

Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2013

Prizes: Winner, selected by judges, will receive a $1,000 cash card. Two runners-up will each receive a $250 cash card.

How to enter: Send a short video (60 seconds or less) telling us about your smartest shopping strategy and the most amazing deal it helped you nab in recent months. Your savings score could be large or small—from a new car to some cans of soup. Videos will be judged on a mix of criteria including savings strategy, creativity, percentage saved, video presentation and adherence to the rules.
Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds. In your video, identify at least one of your smartest shopping strategies. Illustrate it with an impressive deal you scored within the past several months. Be sure to mention the item’s original price and the amount you saved and, if appropriate, show the relevant product or products. If possible, avoid showing logos or brand names. Keep in mind that background music, inappropriate displays, or overt display of brands and logos will disqualify your submission.

How to win: After ALL YOU editors post eight finalist videos on allyou.com you, the readers, will be able to vote on your favorite! Our panel of savings experts will ultimately choose the grand-prize winner (who will get a $1,000 cash card) and two runners-up (each wins a $250 cash card).

Other info: The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, age 19 or older at time of entry.

Win $500 Cash Prize from VictorPest

Enter for your chance to win a $500 dollar cash prize from Victor Pest Sweepstakes Made in the USA Campaign! Honoring all products that are “homegrown” in America!

 Victor Pest Made in the USA Sweepstakes

Contest URL: http://madeintheusa.victorpest.com/sweepstakes.html

Deadline: November 30th, 2012

Prizes: 6 Grand Prizes of $500 to each winner! 

How to enter: 

There are two ways to enter the Sweepstakes.

Entry Method #1: You will receive one sweepstakes entry when you visit www.madeintheusa.victorpest.com during the Sweepstakes Entry Period and select the “Sweepstakes” icon to access the official Victor Made in the USA Sweepstakes entry form. Follow the online instructions to complete the form, including your full name, complete address, valid e-mail address and date of birth, and a short testimonial sharing your experience using Victor products. Submit the Sweepstakes entry form as instructed. Limit one entry per person/per email address.

Entry Method #2: You will receive two sweepstakes entries when you visit www.madeintheusa.victorpest.com during the Sweepstakes Entry Period and select the “Check out Fan Photos” icon to access the Victor Made in the USA Photo Map.


Writing & art CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files

Contest Name: Writing & art CONTEST num.1 by Caligae Travel Files

Contest URL: http://www.caligae.info/downloads.html?p=1&id=2

Deadline: 30 Apr 2012

Prizes: First, second and third winners will receive a $500, $300 and $200 cash prize respectively. Approved typologies will be published on Caligae Travel Files’ website www.caligae.info and in a specially dedicated e-book which will be available for free download in June 2012. Your entries will be temporarily posted on Caligae´s Facebook page for public voting.

How to enter: Submit 1 article (up to 500 chars.) + at least 1 illustration (of any style) per social type. Number of articles & illustrations is unlimited. Send your entries at editor@caligae.info.

How to win: Submit only original texts & author’s artworks of your own creation. Your typology should be complete, accurate, up-to-date, well-written, artistically pictured, concise, entertaining, informative and useful to travelers & students.

Other info: “Contest’s topic is Friendly & humorous typology of modern society in your country. Describe & illustrate the most representative, emerging or curious social groups & strata”.

Help promote this event: download the poster & rules on www.caligae.info and make them circulate! Thank you!